Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last January

It's hump day! Not only is it hump day but it's also the last week of January which means we're one month closer to spring, two weeks away from Valentine's Day and one week away from Winter 2014 Fashion Week. (I also have a little surprise there that I've been working on.) 

This crippling NYC weather has me pulling out sweaters left and right. For example I brought out my neon and black sweater from Forever 21, my patchwork skinny jeans with frayed hems from H&M, and another pair of camel suede booties which are starting become a staple in my closet.


Photo Credit: IIIMG

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Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey Guys. So we are almost out of the woods and by "out of the woods" I mean that by the end of the week we'll be hitting the high 30's. This is what winter in NYC has come to. Honestly I can not tell you how much I'm over this weather. To pass the time I've been slowly torturing myself by looking at spring clothes and look books. That being said here's a quick post of some items that I'm currently lusting over:
Spring Lust
1.  MSGM Lipstick Print Sweater I've come to the conclusion that I'm in love with printed sweaters and crew necks.
4.TopShop Koala Espadrilles
8. MCM Beyond Snowdome Leather Clutch (Normally I'm not a big MCM fan but this particular clutch looks good enough to elevate a white shirt and blue jean basic outfit)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hey Guys! If you live in the New York or the East Coast in general you already know we're dealing with freezing temperatures. I'm talking about the kind of freezing weather where you basically plan your trip around the hours the sun is out because it makes traveling bearable. Well unfortunately it's only the middle of the week and I, just like you, still have things to do. Le Sigh. So I suck it up, create a play list on my phone to prevent me from removing my gloves, and begin the process of layering. 

Just a little fact about me I am very serious about layering. By that I mean I wear two of everything underneath my clothes, two pairs of leggings, two pairs of thick socks, two undershirts.
I applied that same method for today's post.

After many minutes of layering I threw on of my favorite crew neck from Forever 21, my burgundy moto skinny pants that I scored from American Eagle on Black Friday, my black boho hat from H&M, and my faux fur vest which I threw underneath my jacket. For footwear to battle this shoe destroying snow I threw on these old beat up boots. (Side note: My friends used to make fun of me about this particular faux fur vest I now call it insulation)

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Calling

As much as I love the holidays I really dislike winter. More specifically January through March. I dislike the cold weather, I dislike the lack of decorations, the naked trees, dead grass, the depressing colors and so on and so on. That being said I've taken it upon myself to "force" spring or at least have my outfits look as spring orientated as possible.

How? Well lately I've been seeing a lot of brightly colored coats and I'm completely on board with that movement. Not to say I don't love coats in the typical camel, navy blue, grey and black colors I do, they're a classic looks. But at the same time it gets so boring and expected. I want a jacket that I can look at and instantly puts me in a good mood.
So similar to the Leather Pants Love posts I put up in November I put together this Spring Calling set to give you guys an idea of what I meant:

Spring Calling

Also here's the link for all the items included in the set.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday = Hump Day

Hey Guys! Let me talk about Wednesdays ,the notorious Hump Day. Wednesdays are more then just a hump day they're my day. Because my work schedule is odd and I have a set work uniform Wednesdays are my day to actually dress the way I want to. I'm pretty sure everyone has their "one" day,Thursdays, Fridays or what have you. 

Anyways usually I spend my Wednesdays running errands that I couldn't get around to earlier in the week. For this particular Wednesday ,because the weather is still pretty shitty, I threw on my American Apparel Fisherman Pullover Sweater (it's like wearing a space heater) with one of my many chambray shirts from 2 years ago. Side note: If you can invest in a chambray shirt do it! They're great and they go with everything. I also pulled out my favorite lipstick by far Heroine by MAC. (Thank God its been brought back)

Zara's sale is still going on so I attempted to make a quick stop in there just to check things out, ended up spending an hour and walked out with 3 pair of jeans. So mission somewhat accomplished. 

And once again my trusty booties from Old Navy. 

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Net VS Knicks

Hey guys! Here's a quick post before I head off to work. A couple of my friends have been asking me, "What should I wear to a basketball game?". As everyone knows, including if you're from Brooklyn or New York in general, it's basketball season. Time to hit the Barclays Center or MSG and basically fight for your team regardless of how many times they've lost (clear throats......Nets). Regardless if you just hopped on the bandwagon or the Knicks have been your favorite team since they actually started playing together as a team. Even though (Thank God!)Melo lead the Knicks to win against the Heat at home last night, you still want to show up and bring your shit while you're cheering in the bleachers.   

I personal feeling dressing for a basketball game is the easiest thing. It's literally just putting together a cleaner version of your casual look.  So you can break out your white tees and your plaid shirts and just pair it with dark blue skinny jeans, a pair of booties or tall wedge boots. Also if you know me I'm always attempting to explain exactly what I mean but I always finish by saying, "Urghh let me see if I have a picture." So I went ahead and made a Polyvore set to give you guys an example of what I mean:
Basketball Season

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