Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer in the City

Summer in the City is a magical place filled with longer days, endless possibilities, beautiful scenery, and horrible smells. I'm just being honest but truthfully it is an amazing thing. The only thing is everyday between the hours of 11 - 5 sometimes earlier the heat feels like the seventh ring of Hell (and the 4,5,6-14th Street Union Square Station feels like the tenth ring of Hell). Alas as a fashion lover I want to be cool, comfortable and fashionable.

What I've learned:
Rule 2: Keep it simple.
Rule 3: Rule 2

Honestly, the only way to survive the NYC desert is to dress light. Light fabrics, shorts, dresses, rompers etc. Keep it simple. Instead of trudging along a gigantic tote just stick to a bucket bag or a light shoulder bag. (Unless you need your tote for work which is a whole different story.)

Summer in the City

I do want to say I'm happy to be back. I did take a break. Honestly I just wasn't feeling my blog for a while and I was slightly torn about it. The blogshpere right now makes it seem like you have to blog constantly, be chock full of ideas, and always have outfits at your disposable. They don't really talk about writers block or just genuinely feeling down. But I'm passed that and I'm happy to be back. 

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Until next....