Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tried and True

Hello all! Hopefully everyone is having an awesome Tuesday. A little fact about me I live with my cousin (same age) and sometimes my boyfriend spends the night. It's very rare that we all get to spend time together as a trio. But luckily the stars aligned on this specific day and "hanging out" became possible. We were whisked away to Williamsburg (always a favorite of mine) to St. Balmain's Coffee Shop to help plan my cousin's party. If you know me you know I love breakfast foods hence when I saw Sweet Chicks Chicken & Waffles I had no choice but to indulge. It was basically everything. I had to stop by the waterfront and take pictures of course. 

Photo Credit: IIIMG
P.S: Check out that food baby going on. 

For days like these I usually stick to what always works. For example my waxed pants from H&M, a basic grey tee from Madewell (there crazy soft), my faux leather jacket from Zara, my all white wedge sneakers from Nike and my metallic cascading shawl from H&M.   

Outfit Details:
Pants: H&M
Tee: Madewell
Jacket: Zara
Sneaks: Nike
Shawl: H&M

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Until next time