Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday = Hump Day

Hey Guys! Let me talk about Wednesdays ,the notorious Hump Day. Wednesdays are more then just a hump day they're my day. Because my work schedule is odd and I have a set work uniform Wednesdays are my day to actually dress the way I want to. I'm pretty sure everyone has their "one" day,Thursdays, Fridays or what have you. 

Anyways usually I spend my Wednesdays running errands that I couldn't get around to earlier in the week. For this particular Wednesday ,because the weather is still pretty shitty, I threw on my American Apparel Fisherman Pullover Sweater (it's like wearing a space heater) with one of my many chambray shirts from 2 years ago. Side note: If you can invest in a chambray shirt do it! They're great and they go with everything. I also pulled out my favorite lipstick by far Heroine by MAC. (Thank God its been brought back)

Zara's sale is still going on so I attempted to make a quick stop in there just to check things out, ended up spending an hour and walked out with 3 pair of jeans. So mission somewhat accomplished. 

And once again my trusty booties from Old Navy. 

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