Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer in the City

Summer in the City is a magical place filled with longer days, endless possibilities, beautiful scenery, and horrible smells. I'm just being honest but truthfully it is an amazing thing. The only thing is everyday between the hours of 11 - 5 sometimes earlier the heat feels like the seventh ring of Hell (and the 4,5,6-14th Street Union Square Station feels like the tenth ring of Hell). Alas as a fashion lover I want to be cool, comfortable and fashionable.

What I've learned:
Rule 2: Keep it simple.
Rule 3: Rule 2

Honestly, the only way to survive the NYC desert is to dress light. Light fabrics, shorts, dresses, rompers etc. Keep it simple. Instead of trudging along a gigantic tote just stick to a bucket bag or a light shoulder bag. (Unless you need your tote for work which is a whole different story.)

Summer in the City

I do want to say I'm happy to be back. I did take a break. Honestly I just wasn't feeling my blog for a while and I was slightly torn about it. The blogshpere right now makes it seem like you have to blog constantly, be chock full of ideas, and always have outfits at your disposable. They don't really talk about writers block or just genuinely feeling down. But I'm passed that and I'm happy to be back. 

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Until next....

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Of my word

I live for the basics. They really do make everything easier. For example today I put together this outfit in about 10 minutes which gave me enough to lie down, put on make-up, and catch a re run of Supernatural. 

Today I started my new internship today and I knew I was going to have some free time afterwards so I threw on my white coated jeans from Zara, (I cuffed them for added flair), a cotton oversize dress button up shirt from Uniqlo, my all time favorite grey booties, and faux leather jacket from Zara. 

Top: Uniqlo
Pants: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Booties: Old Navy
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet: J. Crew Cuff

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Basics for the Basics

I'm back!!! Finally! I know it's been a month, well embarrassingly more then a month. Sadly May has been a crazy 30 days for me. It's basically been like a version of Hunger Games filled with finals, birthday parties, dinners, Mother Day parties, school events, bbq's and my bed. 

But I'm back finally. So last Wednesday it was the first day in a couple of months where I actually didn't have work or school. It felt so good waking up and not having anything planned for a day. I got restless though and went outside.  I went with a no fail staple, the Black Boyfriend Blazer. I swear you can probably throw a boyfriend blazer on anything and it immediately cleans it up. Pour example I threw on a regular black shirt underneath, blue jeans from Zara, Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, and my new grey glasses from Madewell. There not prescription I just thought they were cool. 

Blazer: H&M
Top: Unknown
Denim: Zara
Sneakers: Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet; J.Crew
Necklace: Zara
Glasses: Madewell

Photo Credit: IIIMG 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tried and True

Hello all! Hopefully everyone is having an awesome Tuesday. A little fact about me I live with my cousin (same age) and sometimes my boyfriend spends the night. It's very rare that we all get to spend time together as a trio. But luckily the stars aligned on this specific day and "hanging out" became possible. We were whisked away to Williamsburg (always a favorite of mine) to St. Balmain's Coffee Shop to help plan my cousin's party. If you know me you know I love breakfast foods hence when I saw Sweet Chicks Chicken & Waffles I had no choice but to indulge. It was basically everything. I had to stop by the waterfront and take pictures of course. 

Photo Credit: IIIMG
P.S: Check out that food baby going on. 

For days like these I usually stick to what always works. For example my waxed pants from H&M, a basic grey tee from Madewell (there crazy soft), my faux leather jacket from Zara, my all white wedge sneakers from Nike and my metallic cascading shawl from H&M.   

Outfit Details:
Pants: H&M
Tee: Madewell
Jacket: Zara
Sneaks: Nike
Shawl: H&M

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Until next time

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Essentials

Hola All! So up until recently (Tuesday evening) I'm pretty sure we were all dreaming up our ultimate spring wardrobe. You know that wardrobe that includes that printed Birkenstocks, the sliders, crop tops etc. Trust me I'm in the same boat. Well now I have to reconsider and run back to my sweatshirts (which I'm not terribly upset about). 

There's nothing wrong with coveting your spring lust items, but don't forget the essentials. When I get dressed for spring/summer I'm basically looking for pieces that are easy to wear, minimizes sweat, lightweight, clean, and classic. That being said I composed a list of a couple of items that can easily help you make a spring outfit with little effort. (Which is what Between 5th and Idle is all about)

1. Nautical Striped Tee
2. Boyfriend Jeans
3. Aviator Sunglasses 
4. Bucket Bag
5. Dark Denim high waist shorts 
6. Button down dress shirt 
7. Chunky strappy sandals
8. Wrap Bracelet

The beauty of all this is that every item is available at any price point. They can easily make any outfit great and can be paired with items that you already own.
Spring Essentials

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