Hey! Let me formally introduce myself. I'm Christine and welcome to my blog. I'm a 23 year old fashion loving Brooklynite. 

A little bit about me: 
-College Student
-Food Lover 

Why I chose the name: 
Between 5th and Idle: Living in NY there is an apparent scope of dressing. It's either extremely luxe or grungy and I am neither of those things. I am most definitely in between. I want to able to dress more refined but without the time it would probably take. 5th Ave in NY ,as anyone knows, is the money street. You have all your big name brand stores. And yes idle means lazy but I don't mean lazy as in I just picked out a sweater from my laundry bag. Just lazy as in I believe you can wear a plain white tee, dark denim jeans cuffed (of course), and colorful pumps and still be stylish. Hence the name Between 5th and Idle.

Goals for this Blog:
I want to be able to encourage people through fashion and let them know that it's a relatable thing. You don't have to spend crazy money to look stylish that's why we have basics. I also want to influence people by showing them fashion is something you can experiment with. You don't have to get it right all the time but it shouldn't hurt to try. 

That being said hopefully you take this journey with me.