Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Sun

I know I've neglected this blog for a little bit over a week. That already feels like a lifetime. It's like my blog and I we're in a serious relationship then we got into a crazy argument and I was giving it the most severe silent treatment ever. And for that I apologize. But honestly I was in a really blah mood. I can blame it on the weather or other outside forces but it was really me. 

But surprise surprise the sun came out, a majority of the snow has melted, and the temp actually past 40 degrees. (WHAT!!) I got so excited, too excited. 

[Photo Credit: IIIMG]

Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Nike
Sweater: Unknown (Borrowed) 
Watch: Fossil 
Bracelet: H&M

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

NYFW: Public School WomensWear Review

Someone up there has answered my prayers. I used to be saddened by the fact that all these menswear lines had these amazing pieces and my petite body could not fit any of them. Worst of all they did not have a sister womenswear line. Or if they did happen to foray into the depths of womenswear it would be the girlfriend line to pacify the demand. I'm talking about the female cut tee with the logo on the front. (Clears throat, BBC) 

Our saving grace has arrived. Public School, the winners of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund originally a menswear line, decided to take the jump into women's wear and would only debut if the collection was perfect. (Actual Tears) It was more then that. 

Finally a collection that wasn't just the dreaded girlfriend line. The line's palette consisted of blacks, navy blues, herring bone, and greys. Even from the first look that came down which consisted of an herringbone coat, black silk blouse, black dress shorts, and black fuzzy beanie you knew this was the real deal. What made this collection even better was the focus on basics and layering but more luxe. The oversized white knitwear over the black shirtdress. The leather jacket with the scale textured sleeves, the burgundy dress shirt paired with the herringbone shorts. 

   The feeling I got from this collection was one of originality. Someone who isn't trying to hard to impress they impress enough just by the clothes that they wear. 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW: J.Crew Review

I think there is a different type of adulthood dressing going on in NYC as far as I see. You can say it's a sign of the times or because we're a generation that's trying to completely stray from the previous one. But young adults and "adults" alike don't dress the way previously imagined. You know what I mean; the capri pant, the v neck sweater, the "mom/dad" sneaker etc. Make no mistake we're not dressing like college kids either. We're more casual, more relaxed, more put together, more refined. We want to be taken seriously but we still want to strike that balance. 

J. Crew's Fall 2014 collection created that balance. Honestly I will say that J. Crew pretty much debuts the same thing every time. It's not a bad thing at all because whatever they show is always great and what's even better is were not stuck in lust limbo for 6-8 months. 

Their staple classic coats in a rich cognac, navy blue and a bright orange were included. So was  a beautiful navy blue and straw colored design paired with a nautical striped tee, brown cargo capri pant and a beautiful brown print heel with a aqua blue outline. J. Crew has always had a knack for pairing pieces together and this collection was no different. There was a big focus on flower prints done on a black background. A red and navy blue silk fabric seen on a pajama pant and a knee length dress. An army green bomber aviator jacket was paired with a navy blue and white botanical print pant, a pony haired crew neck, and a black strap sandal with a bright orange sole.  

[Photo Credit:]

[Photo Credit:]

My favorite looks from the collection was a very interesting structured funnel neck pale pink dress 
paired with a bronze metallic sandal. You know how much I love my denim and J. Crew has mastered that look time and time again. I also gravitated towards the color block fur coat paired with a grey knit, grey skinny pant and pumps. 
 [Photo Credit:]
All in all J. Crew once again debuted a beautiful collection. But what did you really expect they created the formula. What did you guys think? Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to leave feedback and comments. Subscribe to me. Also check out Kelly Lund, Dream in Lace, for her reviews on Rodarte and Alice + Olivia. 


Monday, February 10, 2014

NYFW: DKNY Fall 2014 Black is once again the new Black!

 Let’s talk about DKNY’s collection. I wasn't able to watch it through live stream on (Le sigh)  I wish I did because it sounded phenomenal. As anyone knows, or as my significant other figured out about 2 weeks ago, DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York. So right off the bat New York is already decoded in the clothing lines DNA.

The beginning of the show started off with a video featuring “real” New Yorkers pouring out their hearts for NYC. As a New Yorker I probably would have brushed this off as a commercial usually seen on a website like but for a brand like DKNY it only made sense.

Not only did DKNY visually proclaimed their love for the fashion capital but they also showed their collection with (wait for it) real New Yorkers. Yes! This whopping 56 piece collection included both menswear and womenswear. [Disclaimer: I will be focusing on the womenswear] A majority of their collection focused on New York’s main color, black. It also included colors such as a rich deep yellow, blues, burgundy, soft and hot pinks, and finally grays. But this palette of black was elevated by including a combination of different textures. For example a black shift mini dress included a fur shawl running on the bottom of the dress. The look was completed with the iconic New York Yankees black baseball cap and black and white sneakers. A slew of over sized bomber jackets also came down the runway styled with a delicate black dress peeking out or a leather mini dress.

[Picture Credits:]

We New Yorkers may use black as our armor but we also also like to experiment with colors and DKNY did not fail to reveal with pieces that featured a deep blue hounds tooth boyfriend coat and matching skirt. One of my favorite pieces was the knee length navy blue duffel coat with a luscious burgundy faux fur vest styled with a red lip, deep velvet clutch, navy blue socks, and red and blue leather lace booties. I also fell in love with the navy faux fur coat which looked like it was dipped in the same burgundy color featured in her last look, a pair of denim joggers, a navy blazer peeking out underneath the coat, a striped red and blue DKNY branded turtle neck, and finalized with wedge sneakers.

[Photo Credits:]

 [Photo Credits:]

All in all this collection personified a true New Yorkers wardrobe by adding an extra flair. The fact that Donna Karan choose to used real people over models really anchored the collection almost making it feel like you were just walking down a street in Soho with background music included.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

NYFW: JIll Stuart How to!

NYFW: Jill Stuart Fall 2014

Hey guys! There is so much goodness coming out of New York Fashion Week right now I can't even deal. I really do want it all. Not only is it great but it's all wearable which makes me so excited. As I mentioned earlier ,in my "NYFW: The Breakdown" post, not only would I be doing reviews but I would also be doing sets to show how to incorporate some of the looks into your own wardrobe. 
The Jill Stuart Collection was a mix between edgy and feminine. I loved the introductions of the lush fabrics; the crystallized velvet, furs, and shearlings. The color tones which included a range of navy blues, ivories, black, and cranberry reds complemented the cuts and shapes of the clothes. That being said after I look over Jill Stuarts collection on too many times to count I picked out two of my favorite looks and showed,using my trusty Polyvore sets of course, how these looks can be recreated. 

JIll Stuart How to!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

NYFW: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014

That girl who is always effortlessly cool. That girl who knows how to mix and match the most unlikely things and have it work for her. That girl who embodies true New York Style. Well, that was the girl who walked down Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2014 runway. From the first look that consisted of a cozy sherpa coat with leather detailing, a leather top, and a side split skirt made out of an interesting choice of fabric. Even down to the dark burgundy lipstick and gorgeous fuzzy neon yellow and black hand bag Minkoff set the tone. 

Every piece that came down wasn't entirely feminine. The hints of masculine shapes and mash ups of fall colors and soft pastels made this entire collection completely wearable. I'm really trying not to gush too much here. I personally felt like this collection was made to reflect any situation while adding an extra flair with minimal effort. For example Minkoff sent down a gorgeous metallic lame jogger pants styled with a crew neck, a beautiful blue coat finished off with a simple black beanie. This look can bring you to work on casual friday then to happy hour without skipping a beat. 

[Photo Credit:]
All in all I thought this was one of her best shows yet. I literally wanted to wear everything in her collection. 

What did you think? Thank you guys for stopping by. Don't forget to leave comments and feedback. Also stop by Kelly ,Dream in Lace, for her review on Nonoo. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NYFW: Marissa Webb Fall 2014 Review

I can not lie I was excited to see what Marissa Webb would be showing for this Fall, after I basically drooled over both her Spring 2014 and Fall 2013 collections. So I was definitely surprised when her Fall 2014 collection started to come down the runway and I felt absolutely no sense of excitement. Not to say it was horrible it was just…. I felt like I’ve seen this before. There was the gray tweed which made an appearance for her Fall 2013 collection, white leather pants with zipper detail, plaid and a lot of leather detailing. But I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen it on ladies in NYC.

Not to say that the whole show was a disappointment because that’s also not true, just the first half. Webb also introduced a pop of vibrant colors such as a rose colored coat and pant, rose neoprene top, and these beautiful rich reds which I immediately fell in love with. Her last piece down the runway was a gorgeous two piece blouse and skirt ensemble with an exposed zipper on the back. 

All in all I thought her collection was okay at best. I really did wish to see more. I don't know maybe I'm wrong, what did you guys think of the collection?
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NYFW: Tome Fall 2014 Review

After seeing Tome’s Fall collection go down the runway I knew for a fact that in the future I would love to be a Tome woman. While watching their show live on four words ran through my head; elegance, feminine, classic, and unconventional. Their collection focused mainly on skirts, coats, and dresses in buttery camel tones, silky rich reds and blush tones. Tome also surprised by adding pieces with eccentric choices of fabric making your typical fall colors such as black and navy much more exciting. Their attention to detail was flawless from the make up, to the slicked back hair all the way down to the satin gloves.

As winter comes to a close here in NYC I’ve come to realized that as much as I love a classic coat they also start to become boring. Tome’s coat were a perfect mixture of eccentric fabrics, classic shapes such as the grey cocoon coat, and adorned with detail like adding a crystallized neckline to a grey coat. All these elements added together helped elevate your classic winter coat to a piece that becomes more appealing, soft, fun and most importantly functional.    

Twist on Classics
I love when a classic piece is done with a twist it’s like having best of both worlds. Tome mastered this when they sent down a black shift dress in an attention grabbing choice of fabric and a lace overlay. A twist on a navy peplum dress also caught my eye and a shift dress adorned with blue silk jacquards and complemented by rose colored satin gloves.          

All in all their collection in my opinion was flawless. It embodied a woman who knows what she wants, doesn’t follow trends yet makes her own path. 
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As I mentioned in my last post for this NYFW I am collaborating with Kelly Lund, Dream in Lace. Stop by her blog to read her reviews on Tocca, BCBG Max Azria, and Creatures of the Wind. 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New York Fashion Week: The Breakdown

When I first started my blog I knew that from the beginning I wanted to be as honest as possible. I wanted to be able to share the message that fashion belongs to everyone. It's what you make of it. It should be as an opportunity to express yourself and experiment. Hopefully I'm getting that across so far. 

That being said for New York Fashion Week I will be partnering up with Kelly Lund ,author of the blog Dream in Lace, to cover and review the upcoming Fall 2014 collections. If you don't already follow her do so now, her reviews for past shows and events are in-depth and a breath of fresh air. I'm excited to have a buddy to accompany me through this week.

NYFW Guide:

  • Fashion Week Guide: Kelly has conveniently set up a Fashion Week Guide which will include a compilation of all NYFW posts. She will also be including reviews from London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. 

  • We will both have a combination of reviews and sets to show how to incorporate the collections into your own wardrobe. 

  • Pinterest and Instagram: My social media will be flooded with looks from collections I personally admired. 

  • Also I'm always curious to know what your opinions are. So don't forget to comment and leave feedback. 

Thanks guys for stopping by. I'm ridiculously excited to see what will unfold for this Fashion Week. I'm also happy you guys will be able to follow me through this journey.