Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Calling

As much as I love the holidays I really dislike winter. More specifically January through March. I dislike the cold weather, I dislike the lack of decorations, the naked trees, dead grass, the depressing colors and so on and so on. That being said I've taken it upon myself to "force" spring or at least have my outfits look as spring orientated as possible.

How? Well lately I've been seeing a lot of brightly colored coats and I'm completely on board with that movement. Not to say I don't love coats in the typical camel, navy blue, grey and black colors I do, they're a classic looks. But at the same time it gets so boring and expected. I want a jacket that I can look at and instantly puts me in a good mood.
So similar to the Leather Pants Love posts I put up in November I put together this Spring Calling set to give you guys an idea of what I meant:

Spring Calling

Also here's the link for all the items included in the set.

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  1. you know i love a yellow coat!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post.x

  2. I'm feeling those Zara coats. Very adorable.

    -Leslie Anne

    1. Thank You. They look even better in person