Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Essentials

Hola All! So up until recently (Tuesday evening) I'm pretty sure we were all dreaming up our ultimate spring wardrobe. You know that wardrobe that includes that printed Birkenstocks, the sliders, crop tops etc. Trust me I'm in the same boat. Well now I have to reconsider and run back to my sweatshirts (which I'm not terribly upset about). 

There's nothing wrong with coveting your spring lust items, but don't forget the essentials. When I get dressed for spring/summer I'm basically looking for pieces that are easy to wear, minimizes sweat, lightweight, clean, and classic. That being said I composed a list of a couple of items that can easily help you make a spring outfit with little effort. (Which is what Between 5th and Idle is all about)

1. Nautical Striped Tee
2. Boyfriend Jeans
3. Aviator Sunglasses 
4. Bucket Bag
5. Dark Denim high waist shorts 
6. Button down dress shirt 
7. Chunky strappy sandals
8. Wrap Bracelet

The beauty of all this is that every item is available at any price point. They can easily make any outfit great and can be paired with items that you already own.
Spring Essentials

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