Monday, April 14, 2014


So remember last week when it was supposed to be warm. I fell for that one so fast. I took my chances and ventured outside to feel this supposed warm air. I immediately went back into my house to throw on a sweater over my clothes. It was basically freezing, the sun felt good though but it was still cold. 

As you all know (or if you don't check out a couple of my past posts) I basically love sweatshirts. I don't know how many times I say it but it's basically the easiest thing to style. This particular sweatshirt is no different. I picked this up from Topshop while I was helping my friend pick out her outfit. I paired it with my trusty leather jacket from Zara, white coated pants from Zara, black tunic also from Topshop and my white Nike Wedge sneakers. Let me sidetrack a little. I was actually wearing the tunic first when I ran back upstairs for reinforcements but I really didn't feel like taking it off so I threw the sweatshirt over it. 

Photo Cred: IIIMG

Jacket: Zara
Sweatshirt: Topshop
Tunic: Topshop
Pants: Zara
Sneaks: Nike 

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