Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ain't it Funny

Happy Wednesday!! I've noticed something among New Yorkers lately. We're in denial right now. Let me explain. Basically we have been oppressed by winter for so long that the moment the sun starts shining and the weather is anything over 50 degrees we parade about in our spring attire. We're breaking out the leather jackets, the trench coats, slip sneakers, etc. We'll do this despite the fact that the temperature drops dramatically at night. So all of us in our leather jackets and trench coats, me included, trek to 14th Street or where ever basically freezing; hands stuffed deep in our pockets. But if you were to glance at our faces you would never be able to tell. 

I'm no exception and I'm fine with that. I've been breaking out my spring wear since the temp hit 45. Today was no different of course. Recently on a trip to Topshop to assist my friend pick an outfit for her party I ended up purchasing a few items for myself, because .....why not?
This Tropical Print crop crew neck from Topshop has been serving me well so far. It has that slightly corny Miami Vice feel to it. I paired it with my distressed boyfriend jeans from forever ago and my white TopShop Embossed Snake Skaters.  

Sweatshirt: Topshop Palm Sweat
Sneaks: Embossed Snake Skaters
Watch: Fossil
Leather Jacket: Zara

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