Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Basics I trust: Part Deux

Hey guys! It's hump day so congrats for us who made it through. Not only is it hump day but were getting some touches of spring here in NYC. Not too much though. It's like Spring and NYC just went on an amazing first date and Spring doesn't want to seem too eager so it's about to implement the "2-day No call" Rule. 

I took complete advantage of this weather these last 2 days. I mean I woke up earlier then I usually do ,tried a new coffee place, listened to different music on my way to the train. (Sidenote: During the many Snowmageddon days we were experiencing I was listening to a lot of hard stuff like Yeezus, Rick Ross, Linkin Park) But now it's definitely changed to a lot of lighter, sunny music. 

My Wednesday's I'm usually basically outside until the end of the day. So I wanted to go easy on my outfit and I thought it's only (by only I mean always) right to break out the basics. 

[Photo Credit: IIImg]

Outfit Details:

Top: Some plain white tee I think from H&M
Booties: Old Navy
Leather Jacket: Zara 

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