Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everyday Uniform

I'm officially back. Yes! I know I completely neglected my blog since what.... Thanksgiving and for that I'm truly sorry. But after a hectic month filled with finals, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties,snowstorms and work I am finally back. 

Anyways I wanted to finally show you guys what I meant by this 5th and Idle phrase that I put together thus becoming the title for this blog. 

I usually opt for pieces that multitask. I've been stuck on waxed pants this whole season they are by far the best purchases anyone can make you can wear them with LITERALLY anything. I purchased mine from H&M. They're pretty comfortable, they have that faux-leather look, you can wear them to school, work, and then head straight to happy hour or dinner and still be dressed appropriately. That being said I threw on one of my favorite leopard print sweaters. I'm usually not that big into regular leopard print but this one by far is my favorite.  

Stay warm guys. Don't forget I love feedback, so tell me what you think.

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